Ecowaterless™ is a company of the Eco Service Group. Eco Service Group was founded by William “Will” Tang, Henry “Hank” Kim and Samson “Sam” Mui in Vancouver, Canada when our car loving founders wanted to keep their cars clean during the summer. Vancouver’s water restrictions prevented them from washing their cars with water - the traditional wasteful way. The friends searched for innovative and environmentally friendly ways to clean their cars without water. Eventually, the pair became pioneers and leaders in eco-friendly waterless car washes.

We serve as the world’s leader in waterless car washes. Our team proudly 45,000+ cars each year across Canada and the United States. Our customers include BMW AG’s ReachNow, BCAA’s EVO car share, Zipcar and numerous blue chip customers such as Lululemon, EA Sports and Best Buy.

In 2015, we won the Climate Smart Business Award of Excellence from the City of Vancouver and we continue to be recognized as a Climate Smart Business.