General Questions

Typically 30 - 60 minutes. Of course this depends on the cleanliness and size of your car as well as the service you’ve asked for. Unless you have requested a specific time frame, we will wash your vehicle any time between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. We appreciate your flexibility.

Yes, we are open rain or shine! If we need to cancel services due to weather, we will notify you.

Only if you require an interior wash. Depending on your work place, you will either leave them at the reception desk, a Key Cafe, or our technicians will call you to pick up your keys. We will confirm with you how to drop off your keys in our confirmation email after your sign up for the services.

Since our car washing is mobile, we come to your car so park as you normally would and enjoy the convenience. Some locations will have a designated car wash area - if this applies to you, we will let you know!

you can add a new car into your account or update your existing one from your Ecowaterless account. We can also do that for you if you let us know via live chat or 1-844-78-GOECO (46326).
you can log into your Ecowaterless account and change your subscription at any time. Alternatively, e-mail members@ecowaterless.com to get assistance.Alternatively, please email members@ecowaterless.com and we will change it for you.

To cancel, go on to your Ecowaterless account and click on delete package. If you had difficulties with our service, please email members@ecowaterless.com with your feedback; we are always looking to make the Ecowaterless experience the best it can be.
Please have them email info@ecowaterless.com and provide details of their work and a receptionist/ facilities manager contact details and we will do our best to make it happen!

Payment Questions

For your benefit and peace of mind, we accept online payments via credit card only for our at home services.

We are able to accept Visa and MasterCard at this time.

To confirm your appointment, we ask for payment to be made upfront. Our professionals often travel (sometimes long distances) to service your car and we need to ensure your commitment.

Solution Questions

It's a locally made eco-friendly solution derived from plants and has a 1% wax polymer.

The polymer likes to cling onto hard surfaces so it seeps underneath the dirt and creates a layer of wax between the dirt and the paint.

We just slide the dirt off with a microfiber towel and use another microfiber to buff on a layer of wax that stays on the vehicle for 1 - 2 weeks giving it an added shine!

It's not a full wax detail but it does give you better value than just washing your car. You can see the rain bead off the surface after its done!

Ecowaterless products are made from eco-friendly biodegradable plant extracts to break down surface grime effectively. Our clean technicians are professionally trained and we allocate adequate time for our technicians to clean vehicles with the care they deserve.

Along with this, we insure every car wash to make sure your vehicle is extra protected.

Besides the water in our solution, the cleaning process is completely waterless; each car wash saves 125 bottles of clean drinking water. Since our solution is biodegradable it means there is no leftover residue or sewage after the wash - the area is just as clean as before.

Cleaning Questions

Clients receiving Interior services: please note that the vacuum of carpets, seats, mats and trunk are in included in your Interior Service. We advise our Wash Technicians to not vacuum if there are lots of personal items all around in the vehicle to prevent accidents.

Instead, we kindly ask you to put them in the trunk in a small pile for the ease of our Technicians and to avoid vacuuming up any items.

Our Wash Technicians will do their best to clean thoroughly all the areas around without the need to take it off. If you want us to clean underneath it, please remove it for our technicians yourself.

Please note that pet hair removal service is not included in our regular service and we might not be able to remove it thoroughly in excessive cases. A fee of $10 may apply if pet hair is excessive. If we find it is excessive, we will notify you.

For instance, under freezing conditions we might need to cancel the services. Mainly, we do so if we cannot ensure the highest quality of the service. We do our best to inform our clients ahead of time and of course we reschedule all the clients while informing about the changes.