2 X Original Waterless Wash & Wax
1 X Glass Waterless Window & Mirror Care
2 X Micro Pro X Fibre Cloth
1 X Micro Pro S Fibre Cloth

Up to 5 full Washes per bottle on an average sedan


Don't fret about bird poo, tree sap and other dirt ruining your car paint again. With our Waterless Cleaning Kit in your trunk, you can clean anywhere, any time.


We are world’s leader in waterless car washing and most trusted provider of mobile car cleaning. We've condensed our system into an ultra convenient, light weight kit for you to use when "nature strikes". Companies such as BMW, Lamborghini, Audi, Volvo, Subaru and Porsche use our products every day.


Simply spray the solution onto dirty areas of the car. Our solution will seep into dirt particles and liquify it. The wax and mineral oils form a protective barrier between car and dirt, allowing you to wipe the dirt off without damaging the car. Our innovative solution wax also leaves a natural shine that protects the paint for up to two weeks.


Each car wash through us saves 125 litres of clean drinking water. This kit can clean up to 10 whole cars - that is a lot of water saving! The great thing is that our solution provides a better clean, protects the car paintwork and is more green than the old fashioned way.